Release title: Club Cutz Volume 4
Release artist: Various
Release Country: Canada
Release date: 1993
Label: BMG Music Canada
Label catalogue number: 74321 14842 2
Release format: CD Compilation, Mixed
Release quantity: 1
Release comment:
Release genre: Electronic
Release style: House

   1.  What Is Love (12'' Mix)  (Haddaway)  6:31
   2.  If You Leave Me Now (12'' After Dark Mix)  (Chess)  3:47
   3.  Love Me The Right Way (The Real Rapino 12'' Mix)  (Rapino Brothers, The (Rapination) )   Rapino Brothers, The; Kym Mazelle  4:42
   4.  2 The Rhythm (SoundFactory Mix)  (SoundFactory)  5:58
   5.  Don't You Want Me (Hooj Mix)  (Felix)   Red Jerry; Rollo  4:59
   6.  Open Your Mind (Classic Mix)  (U.S.U.R.A.)  5:17
   7.  More And More (Extended Version)  (Captain Hollywood Project)  4:26
   8.  Do You Feel 4 Me (U 4 Ria Mix)  (Eden)  4:38
   9.  Happy (Full Vocal Gypsy Mix)  (Legacy Of Sound)   Meja; Band Of Gypsies  5:57
   10.  Spy In The House (Cloak And Dagger Mix)  (Gett Smartt)   Earl Torno; Vincent Degiorgio  5:03

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