Release title: Ghana Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968-81
Release artist: Various
Release Country: UK
Release date: 2009-11-02
Label: Soundway
Label catalogue number: SNDWLP016
Release format:
Release quantity:
Release comment: Subtitle: "Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Ghanaian Blues 1968-81" Comes in box set with plain brown cardboard sleeves and a large 12-page booklet insert with extensive liner notes, credits, scans and rare pictures. Tracks I2, I3, I4 and J1 are exclusive to the vinyl issue. Tracks I2 and I3 were previously released on the cd issue of "Ghana Soundz".
Release genre: Blues, Folk, World, & Country, Funk / Soul
Release style: Highlife, Afrobeat

   A1.  Kai Wawa  (Mercury Dance Band (Mercury Dance Band, The) )   Mercury Dance Band (Powerful Mercury Dance Band, The) [ Written-By ]  3:01
   A2.  Owuo Adaadaa Me  (T.O. Jazz)   T. O. Ampomah [ Written-By ]  2:52
   A3.  Din Ya Sugri  (Christy Azuma & Uppers International)   Christy Azuma [ Written-By, Lead Vocals ]  7:03
   A4.  Ohiani Sua Efir  (Asaase Ase)   Ebo Taylor [ Adapted By ]  4:02
   B1.  Hwehwe Mu Yi Mpena  (Cutlass Dance Band, The)   Osenkafo Isaac Kwasi Anin (I. K. Anin) [ Written-By, Leader ]  3:18
   B2.  Sei Nazo  (Dr. K. Gyasi & His Noble Kings)   Ernest Aubrey Honny; K. Meriguine; Peter Yaw Barima  3:02
   B3.  Edinya Benya  (Hedzoleh Soundz)   Stan Plange; Hammond; Stanley Todd Kwesi; Faisal Helwani  3:17
   B4.  Nya Asem Hwe  (City Boys International Band (City Boys Band) )   J. A. Odofo [ Written-By, Lead Vocals ]  4:51
   B5.  Bofoo Beye Abowa Den  (St. Peter & The Holymen)   Peter Quietman; Ringo  3:15
   C1.  Obi Agye Me Dofo  (Vis A Vis)   Sammy Copper; Gybson Pepra; Isaac Yeboah  9:51
   C2.  Mi Nsumõõ Bo Dõnn  (Big Beats, The (2))   Rocky (16); Linden Lee  3:39
   C3.  Aaya Lolo  (Barbecues, The)   Tommy Darling [ Written-By, Lead Vocals ]  3:48
   D1.  I Go Die For You  (Kyeremateng Atwede & The Kyeremateng Stars)   Kyeremateng Atwede (K. Atwede) [ Written-By ]  5:23
   D2.  Twer Nyame (excerpt)  (Ebo Taylor)   Pat Thomas (3); Ebo Taylor; George Abunuah; Arthur Kennedy; George Amissah  5:22
   D3.  Odo Mmera  (African Brothers (Pa Steele's African Brothers) )   Nana Ampadu (P. S. Ampadu) [ Written-By ]  3:01
   D4.  You Monopolise Me  (Ogyatanaa Show Band, The)   Nana Ofori; Tawiah Randy; Kwadwo Donkoh  3:14
   E1.  Wompe Masem  (African Brothers (African Brothers International Band, The) )   Nana Ampadu (P. S. Ampadu) [ Written-By ]  4:19
   E2.  Akoko Ba  (Gyedu-Blay Ambolley & His Creations)   Gyedu Blay Ambolley; Tommy King (2); Yaw Boakye; Samuel Essilfie; Super Complex Sounds, The; Bobby Asiamah; Ralph Karikari  5:26
   E3.  Akampanye  (Super Sweet Talks (Sweet Talks, The) )   J.Y. Thorty; A.B. Crentsil  4:27
   E4.  Enuanom Adofo  (Houghas Sorowonko)   Koffie (2) [ Arranged By ]  3:10
   F1.  Bukom  (Oscar Sulley's Nzele Soundz)   Oscar Sulley (Oscar Sulley Braimah) [ Written-By, Trumpet ]  3:28
   F2.  You Can Go  (Bokoor Band)   John Collins (15) (J. Collins) [ Written-By ]  3:22
   F3.  Kyenkyen Bi Adu M'Awu  (K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas)   Alhaji K. Frimpong (K. Frimpong) [ Written-By ]  6:57
   F4.  Dr. Solutsu  (Fela KutiBasa Basa Soundz Feat. )   Alhaji K. Frimpong [ Written-By ]  3:22
   G1.  Omusus Da Fe M'musu  (Hedzoleh Soundz)   Amartey Lash Laryea (Amartey Laryea) [ Written-By ]  4:58
   G2.  Boombaya  (Boombaya (2))   Kofi Adu; Kofi Edu; George Mensah; Victor Bannerman; Alfred Bannerman; Bernard Telfer  3:39
   G3.  Noble Kings (Yako Aba)  (Dr. K. Gyasi & His Noble Kings)   Eric Agyemang [ Written-By, Guitar ]  5:46
   G4.  Bindiga  (Wellis Band, The)   Michael Baddoo; Ray Douglas (2)  3:25
   H1.  Tamale  (Pagadeja)   Kiki Gyan; Ray Allen  3:11
   H2.  Yahyia Mu  (Uhuru Dance Band, The)   Kwadwo Donkoh; George Amissah  4:11
   H3.  Them Go Talk Of You  (Cutlass Dance Band, The)   Osenkafo Isaac Kwasi Anin (I. K. Anin) [ Written-By, Leader, Vocals ]  3:30
   H4.  Sisi Mbon  (Honny And The Bees Band (Honny & The Bees Band) )   Ernest Aubrey Honny (Ernest Honny) [ Written-By ]  6:47
   I1.  Owuo  (Sawaaba Soundz)   Robert Quashie (R. Quashie) [ Written-By ]  4:20
   I2.  Psychedelic Woman  (Honny And The Bees Band (Honny & The Bees Band) )   Ernest Aubrey Honny (Ernest Honny) [ Written-By, Leader, Lead Vocals ]  4:31
   I3.  Nite Safarie  (Black Star Sound, The)   Eddie Quansah; Teddy Osei; Kwadwo Donkoh  3:25
   I4.  Osaman Ba  (T.O. Jazz)   T. O. Ampomah; Miss Adjoa Badu  4:57
   J1.  Cry Laughter  (Joe Mensah)   Joe Mensah [ Written-By ]  17:58

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