Release title: Carlo Cokxxx Nutten
Release artist: Frank White & Sonny Black
Release Country: Germany
Release date: 2002
Label: Aggro Berlin
Label catalogue number: AGGRO 005
Release format: Cassette Album
Release quantity: 1
Release comment: "Yo, Peace Man!" samples strings from Eric Serra - She Is Dead. "Badewiese" samples vocals from Prodigy (rapper of Mobb Deep) - Keep It Thoro.
Release genre: Hip Hop
Release style: Gangsta

   A1.  Intro Electro Ghetto 2:09
   A2.  Cordon Sport Massenmord 3:46
   A3.  Yo, Peace Man! 3:48
   A4.  Miami (Skit)  Horsecock [ Vocals [Featuring] ]  0:49
   A5.  Badewiese 3:57
   A6.  Carlo Cokxxx Nutten 3:26
   A7.  Warum?  B-Tight [ Rap [Featuring] ]  3:43
   A8.  Dein Leben 3:35
   B1.  Geh Nach Hause 3:33
   B2.  Drogen Sex Gangbang  King Orgasmus One (King Orgasmus) [ Rap [Featuring] ]  4:05
   B3.  Cokxxx (Skit) 1:01
   B4.  Boss 3:35
   B5.  Wer Will Krieg? 4:00
   B6.  Schau Mich An 4:10
   B7.  Behindert 3:44
   B8.  Sag Nicht...  D-Bo [ Rap [Featuring] ]  3:43
   B9.  Outro  Lil Chima [ Vocals [Featuring] ]  0:09

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